About The CTC-SRH Team

The Clinical Training Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health (CTC-SRH) offers evidence-based clinical training and resources to healthcare providers, training the nation’s Title X workforce. The CTC-SRH was founded as the National Clinical Training Center for Family Planning (NCTCFP) in 2006, funded by the Office of Population Affairs (OPA) at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The CTC-SRH has continued to provide training and resources for Title X clinicians and the broader sexual and reproductive health provider workforce for over 17 years, aiming to increase quality, equity, and access in the healthcare field.

Dr. Kristin Metcalf-Wilson, DNP, MSN, brings over 30 years of expertise in women's health, specifically focusing on sexual and reproductive health. Currently serving as the Project Director for the Clinical Training Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health, she plays a crucial role in developing and delivering clinical training nationwide.

The CTC-SRH team brings together a wealth of experience and expertise on clinical topics, health education, training design, implementation, evaluation, research, event planning, strategic partnerships, and more. Through the strengths of the team, the CTC-SRH has been able to deliver consistent training and technical assistance to support Title X clinical services providers’ learning as well as react to emergent public health issues, such as Zika, COVID-19, and post-Dobbs priorities.

Katherine R. Atcheson

Senior Program Manager

Alexis N. Bates

Senior Program Manager

Tammy Bennett

Associate Director of Clinical Training

Angela Bolen

Continuing Education Coordinator

Kimberley (Kim) Clark

Senior Administrative Support

Sharon L. Colbert

Associate Director of Operations

Kristin Metcalf-Wilson

Project Director

Zoë Murphy

Senior Program Manager

Carissa Ruf

Senior Program Manager

Stephanie Spitz

Senior Program Manager

Dipti Subramaniam

Research and Special Projects Manager

Shelby Webb

Senior Program Manager

University of Missouri – Kansas City
School of Nursing & Health Sciences
2464 Charlotte St.
Kansas City, MO 64108
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Supported by the Department of Health and Human Services / Office of Population Affairs / Office of Family Planning Grant #1 FPTPA006031-01-00.

CTC-SRH is supported by the office of Population Affairs of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The information presented does not necessarily represent the views of OPA, OASH, or DHHS
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