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The resources on this page are all created by the CTC-SRH to assist clinical services providers in managing common sexual and reproductive health concerns and related preventive health care issues. Some resources are helpful before, during, and after clinical encounters as quick reference guides, while others are focused at implementing or improving new services or protocols.

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This toolkit consists of a collection of evidence-based resources related to Subcutaneous Depot Medroxyprogesterone Acetate, or DMPA-SC. It is available below as an interactive toolkit hosted on our website. You may also download a pdf or word doc version. This toolkit was originally released 10/21/2021 and was updated on 10/12/2023.

Released: 10/12/2023

This toolkit is intended to be a resource for administrators, quality managers, and clinicians responsible for developing and maintaining policies, procedures, and clinical protocols for sexual and reproductive health care settings. We hope the toolkit is a useful tool for adopting best practices, training staff, and assessing clinical care.

Released: 04/25/2023

The National Clinical Training Center for Family Planning (NCTCFP) partnered with the Adolescent Health Initiative to produce this resource for local sites to encourage care teams to consider how staff and providers in varied roles can create a climate that fosters adolescent-friendly nondirective counseling for pregnancy options following the Title X 2021 final rule.

Sparks are free, ready to use, and include a PowerPoint presentation, a facilitator script, and follow-up materials. They are designed for providers or staff to deliver in 15-30 minutes at staff meetings. Sparks can be facilitated by providers or staff in any role, and are specifically designed to “spark” discussion and reflection among a multidisciplinary audience. Please contact the NCTCFP if you would like a member of our team to co-facilitate a session for your site.

Released: 12/08/2022

This supplement provides Title X prescribers with evidence-based resources for diagnosing and managing hypertension. We recommend that you refer to the “Hypertension Prevention and Control Improvement Toolkit” for background information and materials to help your family planning program develop a systematic, comprehensive method to improve care. If your site opts to provide services for people with hypertension, this focused resource will assist clinical services providers with information and materials to manage uncomplicated hypertension. For many individuals, family planning care settings may be their primary point of health care access and sole interface with the health care system.

Released: 06/27/2022

Implementing Quality Family Planning, or IQFP, provides clinic staff with the knowledge and skills they need to engage with family planning clients, apply client-centered care, and share evidence-based information on a wide range of contraceptive methods.

The IQFP Toolkits are comprehensive curricula to be used by facilitators familiar with the QFP guidelines to train clinical staff or prescribers.

IQFP Curriculum (Standard) is for experienced staff or clinicians to train non-prescribing staff, including registered nurses and health educators. The IQFP Curriculum consists of two modules: (1) Contraception Overview and (2) Client-Centered Counseling in the Family Planning Setting

IQFP-RX Curriculum (IQFP For Prescribers) is for experienced clinicians to train other clinicians and includes additional in-depth information on prescribing and management. The IQFP-RX Curriculum consists of three modules: (1) Contraception Overview (2) Client-Centered Counseling in the Family Planning Setting (3) Advanced Contraception

The Toolkit Tour below gives an introduction to the Implementing Quality Family Planning (IQFP) Curriculum, a walkthrough of the toolkits, and information on how to customize your training using the toolkits.

Released: 12/14/2021
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