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The resources on this page are all created by the CTC-SRH to assist clinical services providers in managing common sexual and reproductive health concerns and related preventive health care issues. Some resources are helpful before, during, and after clinical encounters as quick reference guides, while others are focused at implementing or improving new services or protocols.

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  • Podcast Episodes: Listen in your browser or search for it on your preferred podcast app on your mobile phone
    • 3/19/2021 - Understanding Long COVID-19
      • Dr. Maithe Enriquez from the Research College of Nursing and Infectious Disease Associates of Kansas City discusses long-COVID, or post-acute-COVID syndrome, and how family planning providers can recognize cases and counsel their patients.
    • 3/16/2021 - COVID-19 and Health Disparities
      •  Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo Davis, an infectious disease physician from St. Louis, discusses racial and geographic disparities that have emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic and how family planning providers can help address those disparities in their own practices.
    • 12/23/2020 - COVID-19 and Interconception & Preconception Care & Counseling
      • Dr. Nisha Verma from Emory University discusses providing preconception and interconception care and counseling during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • 9/21/20 - COVID-19, Hormonal Contraception, and Hypercoagulability
      • Dr. Antoinette Nguyen from Emory University School of Medicine discusses recent advisories around hormonal contraceptive use and hypercoagulability during COVID-19.
    • 6/24/20 - Adolescent Care During COVID-19
      • Dr. David Bell, from Columbia University, and Dr. Liz Romer, from Colorado Children's Hospital, discuss best practices and ways to address challenges when providing care to adolescents who are sheltering in place or are otherwise affected by COVID-19.
    • 6/2/20 - Providing Patient Centered Counseling via Telehealth During COVID
      • Dr. Christine Dehlendorf from UCSF School of Medicine and the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health discusses the importance of providing patient-centered counseling in family planning and best practices for patient-centered counseling via telehealth platforms, particularly during the current COVID-19 pandemic.
    • 5/20/20 - Addressing Intimate Partner Violence During COVID-19
      • Dr. Tina Bloom, PhD, MPH, RN from the University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing discusses intimate partner violence during COVID-19 and provides guidance for family planning clinicians on how to screen and address IPV when providing telehealth or socially distanced services
    • 4/13/20 - 6/10/20 - COVID-19 and Family Planning: Interviews from the Field - discussions with clinicians about their organizations' response and adaptations to the recent global pandemic of COVID-19.
      • Part 1: Heather Maisen of Seattle King County Public Health
      • Part 2: Evelyn Kieltyka of Maine Family Planning
      • Part 3: Raissa Ameh of Missouri Family Health Council
    • 4/21/20 - Coding with Ann: Telehealth
      • In our 12th episode in this series, Ann Finn will review billing and coding around telehealth, particularly in regards to providing care during the COVID-19 global pandemic

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SAGE Publishing Research - Resources and efforts to help social, behavioral, and medical researchers study the novel coronavirus and its impact on society

Released: 03/30/2020
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