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The resources on this page are all created by the CTC-SRH to assist clinical services providers in managing common sexual and reproductive health concerns and related preventive health care issues. Some resources are helpful before, during, and after clinical encounters as quick reference guides, while others are focused at implementing or improving new services or protocols.

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In response to the rising rates of congenital syphilis infections, the CTC-SRH's own Associate Director, Tammy Bennett, will be discussing point-of-care testing and same-day treatment for syphilis infections and how Title X sites can implement these services in their own clinics.

Released: 04/17/2024

In the final episode of the four-part series on the pregnancy-associated death crisis in the US, The CTC-SRH speaks with Dr. Nicole Tchalim, from Columbia University's Women and Reproductive Mental Health, or WARM, program, and how Title X and other family planning clinicians can address mental health struggles and suicidality in their own patients.

Released: 03/26/2024

In part three of a four-part series, the CTC-SRH speaks with Dr. Karen Trister Grace about the effects of intimate partner violence on pregnancy, homicide as a cause of pregnancy-associated death, and how Title X clinicians can address it in their practices.

Released: 03/12/2024

In the second of the four-part series on the pregnancy-associated death crisis in the US, The CTC-SRH speaks with Dr. Tricia Wright from UCSF about the role substance use disorder and overdoses play in these death rates, and how Title X and other family planning clinicians can help prevent overdose in their own patients.

Released: 02/27/2024

In this first of a multi-episode series, the CTC-SRH talks with epidemiologist Dr. Maeve Wallace about pregnancy-associated deaths in the US, how often they happen, and the top causes, and what this information means for Title X practitioners and staff.

Released: 02/13/2024

The CTC-SRH talks with Robin Summers, JD senior counsel and vice president at the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, about the recent federal ruling in Ohio v. Becerra. Robin interprets the current ruling for listeners and provides insight into what Title X providers and staff can anticipate next in the case.

Released: 01/29/2024

As part of the 2023 Clinician Cafe, the CTC-SRH speaks with Dr. Mishka Terplan about harm reduction, its role in sexual and reproductive healthcare, and guidance for clinicians on substance use, misuse, and harm reduction counseling.

Released: 10/24/2023
Coding With Ann Series

In the latest installment of the ongoing series, Coding with Ann, Ann Finn, of Ann Finn LLC, discusses updated guidance on common LARC miscodes with the CTC-SRH.

Released: 09/19/2023
Reproductive Justice Series

In the final installment of the CTC-SRH's series on reproductive justice issues and Title X services, The CTC-SRH speaks with Dr. Dominika Seidman on HIV, pregnancy, and reproductive justice, and how Title X providers can provide counseling on pregnancy and family building that is evidence-based and client-centered.

Released: 08/31/2023

The CTC-SRH talks with Anitra Beasley, MD, MPH, about the FDA's recent decision to approve OPill to be the first hormonal contraceptive pill to be available over-the-counter.

Released: 08/03/2023
Coding With Ann Series

The latest episode in the popular Coding with Ann series features a conversation with expert Ann Finn and special guest Dr. Michael Policar about potential scenarios clinicians may see around early pregnancy loss and how to bill for them in order to maximize clinic revenue and reimbursement.

Released: 07/11/2023

The CTC-SRH speaks with Kristin Keglovitz Baker, PA-C and former COO of Howard Brown Health Center, about health disparities seen in trans and gender diverse patient communities today.

Released: 06/08/2023
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