DIALS (Drop In Active Learning Sessions)

DIALS Overview

Drop In Active Learning Sessions (DIALS) are dynamic, virtual, 60-minute educational activities developed by the CTC-SRH to offer clinicians quick and convenient learning opportunities. Developed by national subject matter experts, these highly interactive sessions allow clinicians to become active collaborators in the teaching-learning dynamic. Participants do not need to commit to a series of sessions and it is assumed that most will attend as and when their busy schedules allow.  

The DIALS sessions are designed to be a participant-managed form of learning that encourages engagement around problems being addressed by individuals in the field in real-time. They provide a semi-structured space to combine evidence-based practice with feedback and peer learning. 

DIALS is based on the model of Action Learning, first developed as an in-person, corporate problem-solving vehicle. It uses the experiences and needs of the learners, rather than the knowledge of the teacher, to address real-life problems and tasks in complex situations and conditions.   

Upcoming DIALS Sessions

All Upcoming DIALS Events

The CTC-SRH offers a DIALS session every 4 to 6 weeks. You can find the next DIALS session on the Calendar or sign up for our newsletter to be alerted about an upcoming session.

DIALS-Related Resources

More Resources

Our resources are created, curated, and managed with the goal of supporting clinical learning for sexual and reproductive providers with a focus on Title X clinical services providers. 

Other resources developed by CTC-SRH include our podcast series Clinical Chats, job aids, toolkits, clinical protocols, CTC-SRH Research, our New to Title X overview, and our monthly newsletter, Clinical Connections.


Natural Cycles Mobile App

This DIALS, recorded on 4/21/2022 with guest Dr. Jack Pearson of Natural Cycles provides an overview of the science behind the fertility awareness based method and the efficacy of the Natural Cycles App. Dr. Pearson demonstrates how clients may use the app to either plan or prevent a pregnancy.

Released: 04/21/2022

ASCCP Mobile App

This DIALS, recorded on 2/16/2022 with guest Sarah Diemert, discusses using the ASCCP Mobile App and presents cases for participants to test use of the app.

The app can be purchased in the App Store/Google Play: https://www.asccp.org/mobile-app.
There is also a free web version of the app available here: https://app.asccp.org/.

The slides contain links to additional resources and can be downloaded below.

Released: 02/16/2022

Emergency Contraception

This DIALS, recorded on 1/18/2022 with guest Dr. David Turok, covers the provision of emergency contraception.

Released: 01/18/2022

Developing and Updating Clinical Protocols

This Drop In Active Learning Session (DIALS), recorded on 11/8/2021 with guest Dr. Michael Policar, covers the essentials to developing and updating clinical protocols and critiques a sample protocol.

Released: 11/08/2021
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